Fundraising Tips

Get the most out of your campaign

1. Set a Realistic Goal

Choose an accurate, reachable goal that covers the costs the getter is facing, but doesn’t go overboard. Think about everything involved in meeting the need at the heart of your project. Are there other costs to include that may not be obvious at first glance? Aim high, but stay realistic. The right financial goal will inspire givers to feel like they can make a real difference.

2. Set a Reasonable Timeline

The most successful projects have a deadline that inspires a sense of urgency, but doesn’t feel too last-minute. Every project will have its own particular timeframe – 7, 14, 30, even 60 days. When deciding, keep your Gifted Project’s needs in mind but make sure the amount of time you choose motivates givers to donate quickly. Don’t worry – if you’re close to the deadline but still far from your goal, you can always extend the timeline. Just keep your community updated as things change.

3. Choose a Name that Fits

Believe it or not, the name you give your project is important! Be creative! Pick a name that clearly describes your project’s goal and who it’s benefiting. A name like “Help Jane Smith Have Surgery” would be an effective, straightforward project title. Avoid long, sensational, or overly emotional project names.

4. Tell Your Story Well

Describe the situation honestly and explain the cause like you’re talking to a friend. Make sure to address all the basics: who and what it’s for, how the money will be used, and why the cause matters and is important to you personally. Before you post your story, you might want to share it with a few friends so they can give you feedback or suggest edits. Their extra eyes can help make your cause clearer and more compelling.

5. Add Photos and/or Video

Adding high-quality photos or video to complement your story will skyrocket your chances of a successful campaign. When potential givers can see who and what your campaign is centered around, it’s easier for them to connect to your cause and be inspired to take action.

6. Create a Community

Don’t be afraid to share your project with others and create a community of people who will rally around your cause. Share your project on social media, send emails, or even write letters. The more people you can share your project with, the more likely you’ll be to reach your goal. We love sharing your photos and stories too, so remember to tag us in your posts! #GiftedCoin

7. Update Your Project Regularly

Share regular updates with your givers and community – let them know how the project is going and remind them of the impact they made. Frequent posts that share updated goals, new photos, major milestones, or even setbacks allow you to bring others along on the journey. The most successful projects are the ones that keep their community, and the Gifted Coin team, in the know and engaged.

8. Follow Up at the End

Reaching your project goal is not the end of the story. It’s just the icing on the cake! Consider updating your community on how the recipient is doing and even sharing a message of thanks from the “grateful getter”! When givers can directly see the impact they’ve had, they will feel more inspired to continue giving and connecting to meaningful projects.

9. Spread Kindness

As you’ve been helped – help others as you can. It costs nothing to smile at a stranger. Open a door. Write a note. Speak encouragement. Bake someone’s favorite cookies. Or look for another Gifted Project to create or support. Whether that means sharing their need on your social media or giving financially – either way shows you care! Give + Get = Blessed