Givers Guide

First off, don’t feel that you HAVE to give money. If you don’t feel led to give a donation but feel like you want to help in some other way – awesome! There’s tons of other ways you can positively affect a Gifted Project. Become a cheerleader! Say a prayer, share the project on social media, send out updates and help get the word out. Support the getter emotionally. Bring them dinner, drive them to a doctor’s appointment, babysit, or even send them a note of encouragement. Help that feels small still makes a world of difference.

Which project to give to?

Hmmm. We know – it’s hard to choose from all the meaningful and passion-inducing options. In order to limit bad experiences, we suggest giving to getters you personally know or to causes that really stir you up.

Every gift helps

So, whether you’re a big giver or small giver or someone in between, you CAN make a difference. Give what you’re led to give; nobody should judge.

Are you more of a private giver?

No worries. That’s a great mindset to develop for certain causes and we’ve got your back. On our site, feel free to donate anonymously if that’s your style.

Whatever your plans to spread kindness happen to be, if you’re a do-gooder, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome.

Give + Get = Blessed