What is a Charity Pop-Up?

Countless organizations spend day in and out doing exceptional work to make our world better. We’ve created an event series to support and say thanks for their social-good efforts! We call it Charity Pop-Up.


If you’re new, we’ll start with a quick intro to Gifted Coin before we explain the finer points of Charity Pop-Up. Gifted Coin is a crowdfunding platform for social good. Our boutique services partner alongside individuals and organizations who want to make a real difference in our world and need to raise funds to do it. We illuminate all the good we can and promote inspiration on the daily.

Our Charity Pop-Up event series puts a spotlight on organizations we’ve singled out for their great work and gives them the opportunity to raise funds on our site for 24 hours. That means we’re highlighting the efforts of your org to our community through our blog. Why? Because we just really believe in you and what you’re doing.

At Gifted Coin, we’re seriously passionate about making a difference and just plain serious about our mission to be a higher crowdfunding standard.